Mission & Vision Statements
“Every Christian Mason Should Be A Knight Templar.”

Mission and Vision Statements – how important are they? In the opinion of your Grand Encampment officers, they are essential. We believe that every successful organization must have a mission statement and a vision statement. In furtherance of this belief, we have just concluded a two day strategic planning session focused on drafting mission and vison statements for the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar.

A mission statement provides guidance. It can take on as many forms as any particular organization might need to define the purpose for its activity. One common element of mission statements is that they are short statements, usually one sentence that describe the benefit provided by the organization and for whom. A well-crafted mission statement helps an organization stay focused by clearly stating what the organization does. A good mission statement is broad, durable, challenging, and distinctive.

A mission statement sets the lighthouse on the shore by which leadership can determine the direction of the organization. The light of the mission statement can be turned upon all decisions made by leadership. If a decision meets the objective of the mission it is good and sure to move the organization in its intended direction. If not, then the decision must be reviewed critically for reversal or rejection.

The mission of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar is — To provide every Christian Freemason the opportunity to extend his Masonic journey through the chivalric experience.

A vision statement creates motivation in the organization and explains why it is doing what it is doing and what the eventual outcome might look like. It helps all stakeholders in the organization understand how to apply their energy in the growth of the organization. A vision statement is just long enough to paint a picture in the mind of the reader. The picture must create a compelling visual, auditory, and emotional mental experience that is desirable. This is what activates the mind of the reader and inspires him or her to execute the mission.

The vision of the Grand Encampment is – Templary continues to be the most prestigious Masonic organization. We are a group of men proud to wear the uniform of the cross who share a common faith, mind, and spirit. Through the practice of Christian virtues, we testify to the world that we are leaders in our community and fraternity. This demonstrates our commitment to uphold a standard of excellence within Freemasonry.

We are also reaffirming the motto of the Grand Encampment that “Every Christian Mason Should Be A Knight Templar.”